WonderCon 2011 Report: The Wonder of WonderCon

April 5, 2011

Just back after 3 intense days at WonderCon. I'm happy to report I've added 330 new Kirby art pages to the Jack Kirby Original Art Digital Archive. Most contributions came from private collectors including Erik Larsen, who contributed over 270 pages of his Kirby collection for archiving. I'm continually adding pages from Erik's collection. See what's up so far » 

Highlights include 8 complete Kamandi books, 1 complete Eternals Annual book, 2 complete The Losers books issues 154 and 160, 1 complete Thor book issue 155, many covers from Captain America (mid-70's), many interior pages from several Fantastic Four books, Golden Age pages from Bullseye, Speed, In Love and many many more pages, to numerous to list. That's almost 100 GBs of Kirby beauty. I will be posting pages this week and the coming weeks so stay tuned.

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