What if Kirby smashes the 900 Barrier!

November 27, 2011
The 900th Page to The Mighty Thor, Issue 137, Page 5

Today, with Thor's mighty hammer, What if Kirby has smashed the 900th page barrier. WiK now has over 900 pages in the searchable, Gallery section of the website. To highlight this milestone, the panel page to Thor 137, page 5 was chosen. The ongoing mission of WiK and the Jack Kirby's Museum's Original Art Digital Archive is to scan as many pages of Kirby art as there are still in existence. Any and all Kirby art is important to archive and preserve for us and future generations.

Many thanks to the original comic art dealers and private collectors for contributing their art for archiving. The site is now provides one of the largest resources of Jack Kirby art on the web, allowing collectors, fans, researchers and historians to sort, compare and view and study the great works of Jack Kirby.

If you have Kirby art and wish to have archived, please contact me and have it scanned at an upcoming comic convention of see the Kirby Museum site for scanning requirements then contact me for FTP information for uploading the files.

Preview of Things to Come
The next 100 pages will bring WiK up to 1,000 pages on display. Leading up to this huge milestone, the last 10 pages or pages 990-1,000 will include 10 historic #1 covers. As we get close keep coming back daily to see the newest #1 cover and of course tell your friends, tweet it out and Facebook it!