What if Kirby reaches the 300th Kirby Comic Art Page

December 18, 2010
What if Kirby reaches the 300th Kirby Comic Art Page

Today What if Kirby announces having reached the 300th Kirby comic art page, displayed in the Gallery section of the site. Since the 200th page was a Captain America cover I figured it fitting to carry on the theme and add the Captain America, issue 207 cover.

The ongoing task of WiK and the Jack Kirby's Museum's Original Art Digital Archive is to scan as many pages of Kirby art as there are available. Thanks to the many Original Art dealers and private collectors for contributing their art to this site.

As the site adds more and more pages to the site, it will become the largest resource of Kirby art on the web, allowing collectors, fans, researchers and historians to sort, compare and view and study the great works of Jack Kirby. If you have Kirby art and wish to have it scanned, please contact me or have it scanned at an upcoming comic convention. My 2011 plans for scanning at conventions includes The Comic Art Con, Secaucus, NJ (March 13th), WonderCon, San Francisco (April 1-3), Boston Comic Con (April 30-May 1), Comic Con International, San Diego (July 21-24) and more to come.


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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | December 18, 2010


Congrats to Rand and you, Tom, for your terrific job at the site and the Kirby Museum.

Keep them coming!

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