What if Kirby: Happy 10 Years Old

June 1, 2011
WiK 2001

Approximately 10 years ago this month in 2001, What if Kirby launched on the web (photo, left shows the original website's homepage). My intension was to provide an online place to feature the recreation work I was doing with Kirby's original inkers, Mike Royer, Dick Ayers, Joe Sinnott, Dan Adkins and others. At that time the site had some of the features seen on today's site such as art zooming and Kirby pencils, recreated pencils and recreated inks comparisons, but was all done by hand. Pretty advanced for its time. For many years the only updates were postings of new commissions.

WiK was relaunched in 2010, rebuilt on the Drupal CMS that allows for dynamic, database content and for members and social media interactions. The new WiK has more content and features, not available in 2001. The biggest addition is the large collection of comic book art scans in the Gallery section that allow members to organize their favorite art pages, comment and rate the art. Much is planned for the future of WiK – become a member and stay tuned.

Many thanks goes to the art dealers and collectors who have contributed their Kirby art for archiving; Rand Hoppe, curator of the Jack Kirby Museum for supporting the digital art archive project; John Morrow, creator of the Kirby Collector for content; members who share a common love of everything Kirby and especially to Jack Kirby who created a creative legacy for all of us to enjoy today and into the future.

Tom Kraft, What if Kirby

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | June 12, 2011

Missing Creations

Hi John, you're very observant. You are correct, all the creations are not up...yet.

The creations from the old site need to be reworked, rescanned and reprocessed before uploading to this site – a time intensive process for each. I have 10-15 more to add but I just haven't had the time yet. The gallery section has been my focus and adding other content. I'll get more up soon and first add the Demon #15 page. The Demon #1 was a recreation, not a creation so it doesn't really fit into the new site. I know the owner of the original and am hoping to one day scan the entire book, when I do that spread will be one of the first pages I'll add.

Great idea on the unused Eternals cover. Currently I have Mike working on the cover to the unused Big Barda cover, perhaps after that.

Thanks for your comment John.

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Posted by: John S. | June 12, 2011

Missing Re-Creations

Hi Tom,

I notice that some of the re-creations you used to have posted on the site are now missing -- for example, the re-creation of the double-page spread from DEMON #1 and the unused cover for DEMON #15, among others. What happened to these pages? They were pretty good and I wish we could still see them!

Speaking of re-creations I'd like to see, my number one re-creation wish would be, beyond any doubt, the unused cover of ETERNALS #2, fully inked and lettered by Mike Royer. Ever since I first saw the pencils for that cover printed in an issue of FOOM back in the seventies, I've wished someone would ink it up and present it properly. Well, who better to do that than Royal Royer himself, and what better venue for such a work than WHATIFKIRBY?


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