What if Kirby and the Kirby Museum at Comic Con

July 7, 2012
San Diego Comic Con International 2012

Rand Hoppe of The Kirby Museum will be at next week's comic con at booth 5520 promoting the museum and Tom Kraft, me, of What if Kirby at Bechara Maalouf's Nostalgic Investments' booths 1006 and 4415.

Booth the Museum and I will have large format professional scanners to archive Kirby original art for the Jack Kirby Original Art Digital Archive (OADA). The OADA is a project we started at the museum in 2006 to archive as much of Jack Kirby's original art for study, research and to preserve Kirby's legacy for us and future generations. We scan at 600dpi+, archival digital negative format, front and back of the art.

This website and museum website (www.kirbymuseum.org) both display art from our efforts. We are grateful to the many art dealers and private collectors who have contributed art to be scanned. If requested, contributors get a credit and link to their website on all art displayed on What if Kirby.

If you plan to attend the Con and have Kirby art for archiving, please stop by and have it scanned. Thank you!