Stay up-to-date on WiK with Subscriptions

September 6, 2010

So you've found a beautiful Kirby comic art page in the Gallery section and you want to leave a comment but you don't want to keep going back to see if some other member responded to your comment. Now you can subscribe to a comic art page and receive any new posted comments other WiK member leave. Start a conversation. When you signup for a new feature call "Suscriptions," you will receive emails when new comments are added. In the Gallery section, the "Subscription" link can be found above the comment entry form, underneath the comic art page scans.

You can subscribe to comments on individual comic art pages and/or you can choose to subscribe to any new content on all comic art pages including comments and new additions. "Suscriptions" are also available for Creations and books in the Kirby in Print section.

Your in control! Your member page allows you to control how frequently you receive emails, if you want individual emails or digest form emails. There, "Subscriptions" can be managed side-wide. The control is in your hands.