SDCC 2010 Report: Extremely Rare Captain America comic art page

July 31, 2010
Captain America, Issue 6, Page 17

It was a very successful year at the recent San Diego Comic Con. Rand Hoppe of the Jack Kirby Museum and I scanned about 160 pages of Kirby comic art to add to the Kirby Original Art Digital Archive Project and to this website. Many dealers contributed scans and several collectors brought their art to be scanned. Highlights include a rare Captain America, Issue 6 page 17. Not only was it a Golden Age page from 1941 but it was a splash page. See the details. One of the few known to exist. A special thanks to Bechara Maalouf of Nostalgic Collectables for allowing the page to be scanned and presented on this website.

The HulkIn addition, another great find. Three key pages to the origin of The Hulk in issue 4, pages 12 through 14. Historical in value, these 3 pages retells the story of Bruce Banner being exposed by gamma rays and becoming the Hulk. Other comic art of interest include:

  • A complete story to Super Powers #1 inked by Greg Theakston over Kirby's pencils – not lightboxed.
  • Cover of The Forever People, issue 11
  • 9 pages from Black Cat
  • Star Spanled Comics, Issue 8, cover
  • A beautiful Fighting American splash from issue 1, page 25

Many more great pages were scanned an in the coming months will be posted to WiK.