San Diego Comic Con International 2011 Report: Demons, Superheros and Love

July 31, 2011
Captain America, Issue 81, Page 1

I'm back from the SDCCI for less than a week and still organizing and archiving scans. This year's show yield over 150 new pages for the Jack Kirby Museum's Original Art Digital Archive Project and this site. This puts our total to 1,615 pages which is approximately 10% of the available Kirby art estimated to be in existence.

As in past shows, both comic art delers and private collectors helped make this show a sucess. This year's quality of Kirby art was one of the best. Each day was filled with scanning, establishing new connections and catching up with existing friends and art dealers. Rand Hoppe, Curator of the Kirby Museum also helped scan at the first Jack Kirby Museum booth.

I can't understate the importance of scanning all of Jack's work for research, promoting the art collecting hobby and simply for enjoyment for us and future generations. With all the natural disasters the U.S. and Europe has experience in the past year, the chances of art be distroyed is always present. Archiving in hi-resolution digital format will allow Jack Kirby's legacy to be secured. If you have any Kirby art that hasn't been archived please contact me through this site.

Archiving Highlights

  • Captain America: An almost complete 10 page Tales of Suspense, issue 81 story was scanned thanks to dealer Albert Moy of Albert Moy Comic Art. This an incredibly powerful story and art about the Cosmic Cube with beautiful inks by Frank Giacoia.
  • Again from Albert Moy, the complete Demon issue 13 story and cover. It's incredibly rare to find a complete Demon story these days and this is one of the best from the series featuring a 2 page spread. Needless to say, it sold to a private collector during the con.
  • The Kirby Estate recently received from Marvel Comics, several complete or almost complete romance stories from the early 1960s. These were lost and then found at Marvel. A private collector had 4 never seen before pages that were archived, one from Love Romances is in the Gallery section.
  • An almost complete Destroyer Duck issue 3 issue.

Many more great pages were scanned an in the coming months will be posted to WiK so keep an eye on the Recently Added page.

Tom Kraft's picture
Posted by: Tom Kraft | August 7, 2011

Happy to Share

Thank you John for your wonderful post and taking the time to write it. Knowing that this site gives you and others pleasure gives me the energy and will to keep this site going and constantly improving, I'm grateful. I feel all of us share a deep appreciation and nostalgia for the works of Kirby and seeing the art in "raw" form is even more striking. If you haven't yet, you should become a member so you can zoom into the art up close and enjoy it even more.

If Lee doesn't respond to your message he should, another bad for him if he doesn't. Although there is the cloud of controversy, Kirby managed to create such memorable characters and stories that allows us all to escape into another world when we were young and now. I'm just thankful to all the dealers, collectors and the Kirby museum for allowing this art to be viewed by all in cyberspace. The way I feel Jack would have wanted.

Please keep on enjoying this site and let me know if you have any comments or recommendations on improving the experience.

Take care and thank you again, Tom

John S.'s picture
Posted by: John S. | August 2, 2011

Great So Far

I can't wait to see all these upcoming pages. The new pages you've posted so far, Tom, have been great. Gotta say, I really envy the lucky collectors who own the actual originals that you've scanned. In these recessionary times, I can scarcely imagine having the cash to actually buy an entire issue of original art -- like that Demon book, for example, with it's fabulous double-page spread -- but I'm sure glad we have the opportunity to check 'em all out on WhatifKiby!

John JrxB's picture
Posted by: John JrxB (not verified) | August 1, 2011

Thank You

i haven't been to Your site enough.
i have a DisAbility , and the Bulk of time i am able to Work,
i need to use in the Pursuit of Work , and Creating Income.
There is not much time for the Luxury of gazing at the Wonderful Art
of Jack Kirby , which You have assembled.
A lot of eMail , i just quickly scan thru.
Tonight, i am spending some time Here , thanks to Your Tweets,
and whatever other means where i learn about what You're doing.
Thank You for Your dedication to the Work of Mr. Kirby.
He is a Hero i have had since Boyhood , when i began reading Comic Books in 1966.
Jack Kirby & Stan Lee , Together , did much to Improve my BoyHood.
The time was Very difficult , and filled with Emotional Abuse from Family.
Their Work ~~~and that of many Others, i don't ignore the Other Artists & Writers~~~
Help lift { me } Above the Things that brought me Pain.
They Helped { me } escape . . . into the Better World of Comic Books.
So, Work that You do is Valuable , for me.
i wrote Stan Lee an eMail about these Boyhood experiences.
i wrote to Him thru the POW website. i kinda Doubt He'll ever Read It,
or acknowledge the writing with a Reply. But, i wanted to try . . .
i try to keep All the Controversy about Stan's version of the Silver Age
in a compartment , wher i don't dwell on things that Sadden me.
i try to keep-hold of the thought of the Marvel Bullpen i had in that Age.
Don't want to smother You with my Ramblings.
Just would like You to know that { my } "Thank You" is not something
shallow or Casual . . . that what You're doing is Critical to { me } ,
among the Many others who have Their Own Reasons for Following Your Site ,
Jack Kirby Collector mag , & whoever Dedicates cyber-space to Mr, Kirby.
Best & Warmest wishes.
Sincerely , --john butler ; PO Box 308 ; Menlo Park , CA 94026
Sometimes, i have gone by this name : the Possible Dream company

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