On the Road Again: Building the Jack Kirby Original Art Archive

February 16, 2012

Next month starts the time of the year when I pack up my large format scanner and get hit the road or the plane or whatever, with high hopes of archiving more Jack Kirby art for the Jack Kirby Original Art Archive. Between Rand Hoppe of the Jack Kirby Museum and me, we've scanned almost 2,000 pages of Kirby original art pages. Our goal is to reach 3,000 before year's end.

To attempt to meet this goal, there are several upcoming events where I'll be set up to scan more Kirby pages with the help of comic art dealers and art collectors.

Below is the spring and summer list. If you are in any of these areas or attending any of these events and have art to scan please contact me through this site and let me know. In most locations I can either scan your art at the event, the hotel or collector's home.



March 16th-18th in Anaheim, CA

This year's WonderCon will be in Anaheim as apposed to San Francisco where it usually is. This gives us a unique opportunity to scan art from the LA region. I will arrive a day before the con and scan Kirby art in the LA region on Thursday, March 14th. Then I will be in Anaheim Friday through Sunday for the con. I will be set up at Bechara Maalouf's Nostalgic Collectables' booth 1011.

Mike Carbon's NYCBM

Mike Carbo's New York Comic Book Marketplace

March 31st in New York City

This is Mike Carbo's first show under the New York Comic Book Marketplace and it looks like it will be a doozie. Special guess include several of the Jack Kirby inkers from the past including Mike Royer, Joe Sinnott and Dick Ayers. I will be set up to scan any Kirby original art, spot yet determined.

comic art con

Comic Art Con

April 1st in Secaucus, NJ

The day after Mike's show is the Comic Art Showcase, just across the river from NYC. This small show is a great place to meet and talk to dealers about the fine art of collecting comic art, not to mention buying the art. The show is only comic art, no comic books. I will be set up at Bechara Maalouf's Nostalgic Collectables' table.

san diego comic con

San Diego Comic Con International

San Diego, CA

As I'm sure we all know Comic Con International is the largest event of the year. This year like the past 3 years I will be set up at Bechara Maalouf's Nostalgic Collectable's booth scanning as much art as I can at booth 1004.

What if Kirby is a personal site I, Tom Kraft created and built, and continuously manage. I'm not compensated for any of the expenses or time I spend traveling to archiving and get the scans you enjoy on this site. Any donation is welcomed to help fund these efforts and to maintain and improve What if Kirby and to help build a permeant digital archive of all of Jack Kirby's works.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | February 17, 2012


And Rand correct me if I'm wrong but you'll be in LA and Anaheim, the NYC shows and San Diego. So there will be a LOT of scanning power this summer!

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Posted by: Rand HOPPE | February 16, 2012

Image Comics Expo next weekend!

I'll be set up at the Image Comics Expo in Oakland next weekend with scanner, too. (Many thanks to the folks there for the support of the Kirby Museum.) If you're in the area, the same holds for me as it does for Tom: I can either scan your art at the event, a hotel or a collector's home. Check contact info at kirbymuseum.org

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