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July 16, 2011
Captain America #101 Photocopies

On of the many things I enjoyed in creating this site was the ability to compare and study Jack Kirby's pencils to the original art inks. Jack Kirby in the 1970s installed in his home, a photo copying machine. With it he made copies of most of his pencil pages before they were sent to the publisher for inking. Fortunately, all these copies were saved and stored in yellow manilla folders in his studio. Hundreds of these copies were scanned by John Marrow, editor and creator of the Jack Kirby Collector. These copies were used in his publication and inspired us all. For me, it inspired me to start my Creations project of enlarging pencil copies and recreate the pencils by lightboxing them, then having many of Kirby's original inkers, re-ink them.

The Kirby Museum in turn published some pages on their site. Recently several from Captain America 101 were added and the Kirby Museum was kind to allow WiK to post them with the original art pages in the Gallery section. Here are links to these specific pages.

Captain America, Issue 101, Page 1 »
Captain America, Issue 101, Page 5 »
Captain America, Issue 101, Page 6 »
Captain America, Issue 101, Page 11 »

In addition, I've modified the tab system and it now jumps from tab to tab (on click) instantly helping to better compare pencils to ink. Hope you enjoy, Tom

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Posted by: Frank Fosco | July 16, 2011

Kirby untouched

This is an awesome addition. Thanks, Tom.

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