New Feature: The Kirby Timeline

January 16, 2011
New Feature: The Kirby Timeline

Announcing a new interactive feature on What if Kirby. The Kirby Timeline is a widget that provides a view into Jack Kirby's creative output over the many years of his career. Currently in Beta, for launch, the timeline is a sampling of Jack's DC Comics work from 1970-1976. Future plans involve adding all issues prencilled by Kirby forming a complete timeline of published and unpublished works. Issues by Kirby can be ones he pencilled completely or not completely (e.g. 70's covers) as well as issues he did layout work for. Reprinted issues, sketches and other art will not be included. 

With each issue and title, a small thumbnail of the cover is included. When clicked, a popup window opens with further information. Plans are to add historical information and links to original art in the Gallery section in the popup windows. To move forward and backward in time, place your mouse inside the timeline, click and hold, then drag it horizontally or better yet, use your mouse-wheel. Click on each event for more details.

I feel this has the potential to be an important research tool for historians and fans. The ability to see the timing of books based on their cover dates allows patterns to appear over the months and years giving a greater understand of the volume of work Kirby created.

Once the DC period is complete, I plan to start on the Marvel 60's period with its hundreds of comics. I'm eager to hear any suggestions, please write comments below, join the discussion on facebook, or email me at

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