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January 26, 2011
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In an effort to increase visitor discussion and interaction, comments can now be posted by Anonymous visitors to What if Kirby. Visitors can comment on Kirby art in the Gallery and Creations sections, news/blog articles and Kirby in Print books in the Learn section. "There is a lot of great Kirby art in the WiK site, my hope is that visitors will have something to say about the pieces and now that membership is not required (but encouraged), I hope they will speak up," said WiK creator, Tom Kraft. To avoid spamming and other inappropriate comments to filter into the site, all anonymous comments will be reviewed and approved before posting to the site.

There are still advantages to membership such as the ability to zoom into the pages of art in the Gallery and Creations sections. Zooming requires Flash and increases the size to almost 300% larger than the original size art. Great for detail art study. Membership also allows visitors to sign up on subscriptions. Subscriptions keep you up-to-date on new content to the site. You can choose to subscribe to all new comic art pages or creation pages being added to the site. Or if you place a comment and want to be informed of new comments, you can subscribe to an individual art page.