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December 5, 2010
Jimmy Olsen Pencils

Story goes like this. Back in 2000, I commissioned many of Jack Kirby's best inkers to do recreations or what I call "creations," since they were originally inked by other inkers than the one I had doing the creation. The first inkers commissioned were Dick Ayers and Mike Royer. Mike Royer did the most, recreating 5 or 6 pages in the first year. Dick did about 3 pages. By 2001, I started on the next batch of pages. Meticulously, I recreated the pencils over a lightbox from enlarged prints I made from Kirby's photocopied pencils, printed in the Kirby Collector.

In late 2001, I decided to recreate as many covers of Jimmy Olsen as I could find in the Kirby Collector. I started with the unused cover to Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen, issue 133. At this time I was using Strathmore, 2-ply bristol board, smooth finish. When I was nearly finished with the first cover, Mike Royer mentioned that he didn't like the smooth surface of the bristol board. He felt he could "pull better lines" with a rougher surface. So I stopped my lightboxing and restarted the cover to 133 on the rougher surfaced bristol. All future creations were done on this or similar rougher surfaced paper.

Today, the pencil recreation I did on the smoother bristol still exists. I would love to find an inker to ink this page since I did spend a lot of time working on it. The only criteria I have is that it should be on the lines of Mike Royer's early 1970's slickness and somewhat faithful to Jack's pencils. Does such an inker exist today? If you think so, please leave a comment with your suggestion or email me directly at Thanks, Tom Kraft

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | January 7, 2011

Thanks Roger. I'll check out

Thanks Roger. I'll check out these guys. Hoping to review a couple of possibilities next week.

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Posted by: Roger Langridge | January 1, 2011

Off the top of my head, Mike

Off the top of my head, Mike Machlan used to have something of the slick brushline you're after - I don't know if he's still active in the industry or not. He worked with Jerry Ordway quite a bit in the 1980s. Maybe Bob Wiacek?

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