Forever People, Issue 6, Cover, Photocopy

December 6, 2010
Forever People, Issue 6, Cover, Photocopy

It's been over 2 years since What if Kirby has commissioned a new "Creation." Well that is about to change with a new commission by Mike Royer. This creation is of the cover to The Forever People, issue 6. Oddly enough, Mike Royer inked the cover to issue 5 but not issue 6 which was inked by Vinnie Colletta. In addition, issue 6's interior was inked by Royer, not Vinnie. So this is a great opportunity to see what the cover to issue 6 may have looked like had Mike inked the entire issue.

The package goes out today! Included are full size copies of Kirby's pencils, photocopied by Kirby in 1972 before releasing them to be inked. One copy is taped to the back of a sheet of 2 ply Bristol board for Mike to lightbox and recreate the pencils. The other copy is an "elbow copy" for reference. In addition, a full size copy of the published cover is included for referencing the titling and other details that maybe lost in the photocopy output. 

Depending on his schedule, Mike takes 3-4 weeks to do a creation, so expect to see the results here, sometime in January 2011.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | December 11, 2010

Lettering and recreation

Yes I saw the actual cover on Heritage. That cover was lettered by a DC staffer. So in the package I sent Mike I printed out copies of the cover of The Forever People cover to issue 5 ( I was thinking its best for him to follow his lettering on that cover.

Reference: seeing it in the Jack Kirby Collector: this pencil photocopy has never been published. I visited Rand last month and saw this cover in his archives. He graciously scanned it and allowed me to post it.

In terms of publishing the photocopies. It is of course a possibility however, as a complete book, it would need to come from D.C. since they have rights to the title. The photocopies are in various states of decay. The 70s photocopy machines and paper were low-tech compared to today's. The good thing is that these photocopies have been scanned for future such possibilities.

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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | December 7, 2010

Original art at Heritage.

It's great news that this piece will be inked by Royer so much time after the original drawing was "finished" by Colleta, keeping the original feeling of the site.

The original art of this cover was auctioned at Heritage:
Maybe you could recycle the lettering from the jumbo scan by lightboxing it or doing stats and pasting them on a transparent layer at the new art...

Do you know if the pencils shown above were published in the Jack Kirby Collector? I couldn't find them. I'm sure that Royer will do a terrific job on this one...

It's a shame that DC doesn't publish graphitte editions of issues of the Fourth World since hires scans of photocopies of whole issues are available at the Kirby Museum courtesy of John Morrow, specially of the ones inked by Colleta.

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