Do you remember the Merry Marvel Marching Society?

April 14, 2011
Merry Marvel Marching Society

Another great and rare scan at WonderCon, earlier this month was the addition of the original art from Merry Marvel Marching Society stationery to the Jack Kirby Digital Archive. The art contains most of the Marvel characters from 1966. At this point I'd like to add this to the site but there is a big question of who penciled all the characters and who inked them. Kirby obviously penciled most of them but did Wally Wood pencil Daredevil? Did Steve Ditko pencil Spider-Man? Please help, If you have an opinion please leave a comment.

Click on the image to the left to enlarge and get a closer look. Or go to the gallery to see it »

For those of you who don't know what the Merry Marvel Marching Society was, here is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Following teaser promotion in Marvel comic books cover-dated November 1964, Marvel Comics introduced the company's in-house fan club, the Merry Marvel Marching Society, in its February 1965 comics, released in the fall of 1964. Generally abbreviated as "the M.M.M.S". the club offered readers a $1 membership kit that initially included a welcoming letter; a membership card; a one-sided, 33 1/3 rpm record, "The Voices of Marvel"; a scratch pad; a sticker; a pinback button; and a certificate. The company offered permutations of this kit, plus additional promotional merchandise such as posters and sweatshirts, through comics cover-dated October 1969. As author Ronin Ro described, "Stan made up cards and had production people Sol Brodsky and Marie Severin help create a pin, eight stickers prominently featuring the heroes, "a nutty new notepad," a minibook, a pencil, a certificate, and a membership card. Stan wanted his bullpen to join him in a special recording he'd include in the $1 membership kit. Most of the bullpen was willing, except for [Steve] Ditko". The M.M.M.S. was absorbed into the subsequent Marvel fan club, Marvelmania International, in 1969. This second club lasted until 1971. A third official Marvel Comics fan club, FOOM (Friends of 'Ol Marvel) followed from 1973 to 1976.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | April 18, 2011

Updated: Page is posted

This page is added to the Gallery at:

There you can zoom the art if you're a member and see the pencils under the inks.

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Posted by: Nick Caputo (not verified) | April 18, 2011


My thoughts on the inking is that all of the Kirby figures are inked by Frank Giacoia, who has a clear, crisp line and was inking at Marvel around this time. I don't see any sign of Stone, Brodsky or Ayers. The Spider-Man figure is all Ditko, and looks like it may have been taken form an interior Spider-Man story.

Nick Caputo

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