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November 14, 2011
Charlie Chan

UPDATE: This Creation was completed by Mike Royer, click to see it!

Up next for Jack Kirby creations, Charlie Chan! Yes Charlie Chan. Out of the 15 or so creations and recreations I've done with Mike Royer over the past 12 years, this is the first one from the Golden Age.

Last month I asked Mike what he'd really like to create and so he emailed me his picks. Two options were splashes with Galactus and 4 Charlie Chan covers. If you didn't know, Mike is a huge Charlie Chan fan and movie buff and the combination of Charlie Chan and Jack Kirby was irresistible. So I agreed to commission the cover to issue 3.

Mike mentioned that he planned to change the title graphic, get rid of the dialog balloons and make other modifications. I told him to do anything he wants to make this cover great! I sent the enlarged, twice-up copies and high quality bristol board last week so I expect the finished product sometime next month.

Stay tuned, it will of course be added to the Creations section of WiK.

Tom Kraft's picture
Posted by: Tom Kraft | November 15, 2011

Definitely interested to see the results

It looks like Jack's inking to me. I'll be curious how closely he'll replicate the original inking. He mentioned another Charlie Chan logo that he liked more that he planned to use. I believe from the movies but not sure.

The Eternals #2 would be a nice creation. At 1K a pop (though I get a small volume discount), I have to choose carefully.

John S.'s picture
Posted by: John S. | November 14, 2011

Ah, most honorable cover...

That's a dynamite cover, with lots of detail to linger over, so it'll be interesting to see what Mike does with it -- particularly in light of the fact that the inking on the original (by Jack himself?) is so different from the general style employed on Kirby's art in the Silver and Bronze Ages. I'm not sure if the storytelling will work without the dialogue, but I suppose we'll just have to wait and see how Royal Royer puts it all together!
P.S. I'm still waiting for Mike to do a fully inked re-creation of the unused cover for ETERNALS #2 (hint, hint); but until then, I'm glad we'll have stuff like this to tide us over!

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