Counting Down to Number 1,000th Jack Kirby Page

February 19, 2012
The 1000th Jack Kirby Page

UPDATED Feb 28: FINALLY! Cover #1,000 is The Demon

What if Kirby is closing in on the 1,000th page of Jack Kirby original art posted in the Gallery. WiK launched in August 2010 with little more than 100 pages. Membership access gives the additional benefit of zooming into the art to study and enjoy it.

To celebrate this momentous event WiK will count up to 1,000 with 10 historical Jack Kirby #1 covers from the 1970s and 1980s. Starting on Sunday, February 18th cover #991 will be added, then each day for the following 9 days another #1 cover will be added to the site with the grande finale being my pick for the best #1 cover. When a new cover is added, this post will be updated with the new post. It will also be Tweeted out (@whatifkirby) and Facebooked out on the WhatifKirby Facebook page.

Thanks to WiK members for making this site a success and excellent resource for study Jack Kirby. A special thanks to the original art dealers in no particular order: Bechara Maalouf of Nostalgic Collectables, Albert Moy of Albert Moy Comic Art, Mike Burkey of Romitaman Original Comic Art, Hans Kosenkranius of Tri-State Original Art, Anthony Snyder of Anthony's Comic Book Art, Will Gabri-El of Will's Comic Art Page, Rich and Steve Donnelly or Cool Lines Art, Peter Koch of Koch Comic Art, Scott Eder of Scott Eder Comic Book Art, Joe and Nadia Mannarino Comic Art among several others. And thanks to the Rand Hoppe of the Jack Kirby Museum and the many great private collectors who have allow their pages to be scanned or have summited pages for the Jack Kirby Original Art Archive.

So celebrate and spread the word, tweet it, Facebook it, but don't forget to check back for some of the best Jack Kirby covers of all times. 

Captain Victory Issue 1 Cover

#991: Captain Victory, published 1981
See it in the gallery »

Devil Dinosaur Issue 1 Cover

#992: Devil Dinosaur, published 1978
See it in the gallery »

First Issue Special, published 1975

#993: First Issue Special, Atlas, published 1975
See it in the gallery »

The Sandman Issue 1 Cover

#994: The Sandman, published 1974
See it in the gallery »

OMAC Issue 1 Cover

#995: OMAC, published 1974
See it in the gallery »

Black Panther Issue 1 Cover

#996: Black Panther, published 1977
See it in the gallery »

Machine Man, published 1978

#997: Machine Man, published 1978
See it in the gallery »

The Eternals, published 1976

#998: The Eternals, published 1976
See it in the gallery »

Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth, published 1972

#999: Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth, published 1972
See it in the gallery »

The Demon, published 1972

#1,000: The Demon, published 1972
See it in the gallery »

John S.'s picture
Posted by: John S. | February 28, 2012

Stan? Lying?

Naah, come on! Do you really believe "Mr. Honesty" himself would EVER do such a thing??

Hans Kosenkranius's picture
Posted by: Hans Kosenkranius | February 26, 2012

I guess Stan Lee could be lying but... the introduction to the Photo-Journal Cover Guide to Marvel Comics in 1991, Stan recounts that it wasn't until the late 60's that Marvel decided it might be a good idea to start saving the cover art. Stan's late '60's recollection seems to be on target with late '66 and forward when the covers from all titles seem to surface in force. Earlier than that, covers were routinely disposed of or given away according to Stan. I'm sure some early Marvel cvrs. escaped the dumpster. I know some did since I've seen them in person, but I don't believe all of them survived.

John S.'s picture
Posted by: John S. | February 21, 2012

It's not much of a mystery, really.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if most of them were in Stan Lee's house.

Hans Kosenkranius's picture
Posted by: Hans Kosenkranius | February 20, 2012

Re: 10 historical covers

The whereabouts of most pre-1965 Marvel covers are a mystery. This would include most of the early keys. There's a smattering of twice-ups in existence from the summer of 1965. It isn't until late '66 that almost all covers for all titles are accounted for. For example, most published F.F. cvrs. after issue #54(9/66) have been seen, but few earlier than that.

Tom Kraft's picture
Posted by: Tom Kraft | February 19, 2012

Yes all 70s and 80s

But mostly 70s and the #1,000th was a difficult decision since #999 to me is very close.

patrick ford's picture
Posted by: patrick ford | February 19, 2012

I love it!!!

The piece picked for #1000 will be from the '70s or '80s?
I absolutely love that.
New Gods #1 would be the perfect choice. I didn't even know who Kirby was when I saw the Fourth World books explode on the scene. My reaction was, "Who is this guy?"

John S.'s picture
Posted by: John S. | February 18, 2012

10 historical covers...

...from the seventies and eighties? No sixties covers? Uh oh, there's gonna be some disappointed Kirby fans out there. And all number ones? Hmmm...there are a lot of good ones to choose from... Mister Miracle, Demon, Kamandi, OMAC, Eternals, 2001, Black Panther, Captain Victory.... Can't wait to see 'em!

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