CAC 2010 Report: 37 Jack Kirby Comic Art Pages Archived

September 15, 2010
Fantastic Four, Issue 55, Cover

The Comic Art Convention was held last Sunday, September 12th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Secaucus, NJ. This exclusively comic art show is unique and happens yearly. It is a great environment to talk to dealers and discuss comic art without all the hustle and bustle of a large convention. Attendance is small but intimate in a small conference room, packed with some of the best comic art dealers in the industry, some only come to this event.

Art dealers that contributed to the Original Art Digital Archive included Bechara Maalouf's Nostalgic Investments, Brad Savage, Anthony Snyder's Comic Art, Will Gabri-El's Comic Art Page, Cool Lines ArtworkHans Kosenkranius's Tri-State Original Art, Superworld Comics and private collectors among others.


Rand Hoppe of the Jack Kirby Museum and I (Tom Kraft) set up at Bechara Maalouf's Nostalgic Investments tables to scan as much Kirby art as we could.  Thanks again to Bechara for facilitating a scanning area for us. A total of 37 pages were scanned and will be added to WiK in the coming weeks. Many of the pieces included some of the most beautiful Kirby comic art. Here is a partial list of the highlights:

If you didn't make it this year to the event, I highly recommend adding it to your 2011 calendar.

Krackles's picture
Posted by: Krackles | September 19, 2010

From Flash to Microsoft ?

Sounds like being caught between Scylla and Charybdis.

If ever I find a great open source Zoom utility I'll let you know.
Meanwhile, I'll enjoy the big scans on my computer's display.

Any chances to find some original art from FF#51 anytime soon ?

Thanks again for a great job !

Tom Kraft's picture
Posted by: Tom Kraft | September 19, 2010

Zooming Reasons

Hi Krackles, there are a couple of reasons for the Art Zoom to be Flash. Currently Zoomify is a great way to zoom in and navigate the larger scans quickly. Simply putting the high res scan as a link that the browser could zoom requires users to download a large file image. Most high res images are about 3MBs. Though not huge, zoomify breaks it up into small tiles that allow the user to see the image really quickly and zoom in and out quickly.

I have an iPad and enjoy the site (with standard size scans) however as you know Flash is not supported. Microsoft is developing an non-Flash zooming technology called ZoomIt ( that looks promising and I may consider using it in the near future.

And finally the last reason is simply because of security. The larger scans are really large. Larger and better quality than anywhere else on the web that I've seen. If they were not in Flash anyone can simply right-click and download all the scans and hard work Rand and I have put into getting them. Site scrappers could download them all in minutes.

Krackles's picture
Posted by: Krackles | September 19, 2010

Zoom without Flash

Hi Tom,

Nice job on the new version of Whatifkirby !

I appreciate particularly the Hi-Res scans but I have a problem with the tool you are using for zooming and I would prefer something more user friendly than Flash.
Why not just use the browser ability to zoom in and out ? (I'm about to buy an iPad early next month and I would be delighted to be able to browse through all those gorgeous scans).


Ferran Delgado's picture
Posted by: Ferran Delgado | September 17, 2010

Great collection of scans!

Congratulations about the collection of scans gathered in the meeting, some of them first class and already posted in the site.

For Kirby fans and collectors of original art like me who are thousand of miles away from USA, is a luxury to enjoy these pieces with the zoom feature, because it's the nearest thing to enjoy them live, like visiting a virtual museum.

Looking forward to see the rest of pieces still not posted!

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