Boston Comic Con: 82 Pages Archived

May 3, 2011
Mister Miracle, Issue 5 Comparison

Thanks to Albert Moy of Albert Moy Original Art for having his personal Kirby art collection scanned and archived at last weekend's Boston Comic Con. Other contributors included Will Gabri-El of Will's Comic Art Page, Rich Donnelly of Cool Lines Art, Anthony Synder of Anthony's Comic Book Art and Bechara Maalouf of Nostalgic Collectables.  Over 80 pages were scanned including Fantastic Four pinups, complete books from Kamandi, issue 2 and Mister Miracle issue 5. Several pages from Mister Miracle, issue 5 are now posted. To see them all to date, CLICK HERE

Mister Miracle issue 5 is the first issue Mike Royer inked in 1972 for the series. In it he altered Big Barda's face and inked it the way he felt correct. Jack Kirby didn't like this. At the time Jack was xeroxing his pencils before they were inked so he cut out the Barda's faces from the xeroxes and pasted them over the faces and inked them. The art today is missing the past-ups Jack did. The first page splash includes a comparison of the original art and the published version. Which is better? You be the judge.

Additional rare and vintage pages archived at the Boston Comic Con will be added in the coming weeks.

Johnny's picture
Posted by: Johnny (not verified) | May 3, 2011

Barda's faces

Royer's inking is cute, but feels out of place. Big Barda is an Amazon. Her face should fit her body. Kirby was right to re-ink and more importantly, able to. In many cases he had no say, it would seem.

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