True-Life Divorce, Issue 1, Page 14


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Posted by: Dan McFan | October 3, 2010

Nobody could draw hair like Vinnie....

One of the consistently great things about Vince's inks were his attention to detail when it came to females. Edna and her sister probably weren't illustrated as particularly attractive women but Colletta couldn't help himself and gave them those sexy eyes he was known for drawing. Great hair, naturally. Jack sure did put a load of time into his panels. The poor inkers who had to finish them for $40 a page weren't getting any bargains.

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Posted by: Les Toil (not verified) | January 27, 2011

A good artist makes a good inker

...and Vinnie was the best when it came to drawing women. Especially the eyes--and the hair as Dan pointed out. 40.00 a page?? What would possess Joe Sinnott to agree to ink all that Kirby machinery at that price?? But thank God he did!

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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | January 28, 2011

Just respect the original pencils...

Well, if pay was so much low, then simply trace the pencils and stop adding your "style" and changing things. Just respect the original pencils, which is faster and saves time and you make a favour to posterity...

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