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Posted by: John S. | February 8, 2012


Beautiful LARGE ART Kirby/Sinnott Captain America page. Normally I prefer Giacoia's inks on Kirby's Cap stuff, but Joltin' Joe did an incredibly fine job on this one. And the big 12 x 18" art size really amplifies the impact of Jack's work.

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Posted by: John S. | February 8, 2012


the lettering on this story is by Artie Simek, not Sam Rosen.

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Posted by: patrick ford | February 9, 2012

It ain't easy

This page shows that even a technical wizard like Joe Sinnott had some difficulty inking the concentric oval rings on Captain America's shield. It isn't easy changing horses in mid-stream. Sinnott handels those tight turn arounds better than anyone, but he still struggles to stay in the groove.

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Posted by: Krackles | February 9, 2012

No sin noted!

Joe Sinnott stated several times that, until recently, he never used a french curve, he worked exclusively free hand.

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Posted by: truthAndSoulBaby | February 11, 2012

free hand

if sinnott wuz inking cap's shield free-hand, that's infinitely better than most other inkers prolly did with a french curve! check cap's shield in any ayers- or reinman-inked page...blechh!

that being said, for me, i still prefer giacoia and shore's cap to sinnott's.

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