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Posted by: Artistram3d1 | July 22, 2011

Wally Wood

How in the heck could I have forgotten to add Mr. Wood as one of my favorite Kirby inkers?
Some would say that he took too many liberties with Jack's pencils, but man, it just looks so...good!

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Posted by: Krackles | July 23, 2011

Knock on Wood

Yes, Wally is a wonderful artist and an inker that should rather be called a peniker.

One that draws with inks ;-)

Like you, he's the only inker from which I accept - quite happily - so much deviation from Kirby's pencils.
When they worked together, the result has always been awesome!

Like you - again - He didn't enter my top 5 Kirby's inkers because I favorise the faithful ones but he's next to them in 6th position!

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Posted by: John S. | July 23, 2011

Zoom Art

Guys, use the Zoom Art function to check out Woody's inking technique on this strip. It's a real revelation. You can even see traces of Jack's unerased pencils, which is amazing for a strip this old.

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Posted by: Artistram3d1 | July 23, 2011


Yeah, I gotta agree with you too.
For some reason, when I listed all my fave inkers, I thought
about all the Marvel/DC folks who worked with him. Perhaps I forgot
about him because I wasn't exposed to much of their collaborations when
I was younger.
IMHO, Wood was another one of the 'visionaries' who created otherworldly
stories and art.

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Posted by: Artistram3d1 | July 23, 2011

zoom zoom

I love the zoom feature. I always try to examine line weights of different inkers to determine if
they were done with brush or pen, and to compare them to the printed work.
The techniques that Wood used were quite intricate. The way he does chiarascuro is some of my favorite, right
alongside Burne Hogarth and Milton Caniff.

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Posted by: John S. | July 23, 2011

Old Masters

Speaking of those Old Masters of comic art, you can really see the influence of Alex Raymond's late-period Flash Gordon art in Wood's stuff. Raymond, Foster, Caniff and Hogarth were GIANTS who influenced everyone (including Kirby) in the early days of comics and who continue to influence artists right up to today!

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Posted by: Artistram3d1 | July 23, 2011

re: Old Masters

Huge influences! I wish they were still around producing masterpieces. Perhaps they're up in the heavens talking shop...

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