The New Gods, Issue 8, Page 1


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Posted by: ken bastard | April 8, 2012

Poor Mr. Royer

It must have driven him nuts to not fix Kalibak's club.

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Posted by: Pete (not verified) | April 8, 2012


All things considered I wish NO inkers had tried to "fix" Jack's drawing. Much more hard than good was done behind
"fixing" stuff over the years. Theakston sure fixed some stuff up. That club simply works in that picture. It wouldn't have been a lick better no matter who tried to fix it, IMO.

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Posted by: Erik Larsen | April 30, 2012

I think it's a mistake--

--to say Jack can do no wrong. Jack did screw up from time to time. Sometimes fixing it could improve things--sometimes not.

The thing is that Jack's art is wonky. If you fix the club--do you also fix the impossible building with tiny windows in front of that chimney? Do you adjust the roof of the building with the two horrified onlookers so there is room for a standard height ceiling? Where do you start and stop?

Jack had characters lose bits of their costumes during certain stories. Often Stan would have those items added. Was that the right call or should the integrity of Jack's vision be adhered to even if it meant costumes gradually being simplified for no discernible reason?

Jack wasn't perfect. Sometimes it did make sense to make a slight tweak or two. Not always--but sometimes.

In this case--I don't think it would have hurt to have used a circle template and made it work..'s picture
Posted by: | April 30, 2012

to join the club, or not?

In this case, it would not have hurt to use a circle template. I see your point. But for me, it's not something that really needed doing. The club works for me- I read it and I get the intent of the image.

I did not mean to say Jack could do no wrong. I don't think I did say that, in fact. For instance, if he forget to draw the "A" on Cap's forehead, somebody NEEDED to fix that. Same with any important costume details he might overlook. Yes, those calls were right.

But as you say, with his stylistic stuff like the architectural "mistakes" you cite, where do you stop? At some point Jack is just Jack. I think a COMPETENT inker/artist could, and did, help in varoius places for sure. I am not one who defends every single line he drew as perfect, no. But when Jack was on top of his game he mostly made his weirdnesses work. At least for me.

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Posted by: patrick ford | September 20, 2012

No artist who is worth a lick

No artist who is worth a lick does any wrong. That even includes people who have never sold anything or even tried.
Neal Kirby testified in his recent deposition that he saw his dad creating the original presentation drawing for Thor before Kirby showed them to Marvel. Neal said he told his dad Thor's horns (Thor at first had a horned helmet) were far too large. Kirby chuckled and told his son the horns were for "dramatic effect." Second guessing Jack Kirby is like challenging Usain Bolt in the 100 meters.

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