The Mighty Thor, Issue 152, Cover


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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | September 15, 2010

Great piece!

Another killer piece, Wow!

With pieces inked by Colleta, i think that the zoom tool is not necessary, because it's better to capture the global look and dynamics by master Kirby, and to ignore a "style" that doesn't fit with Jack's.

But I have to admit that the inking in this piece doesn't hurt my eyes as usual in Vince's work.

Sam Rosen's lettering gives the perfect final touch, as usual. Imho, the best letterer in Silver Age.

Thanks for sharing!

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | September 15, 2010

Pencil Traces

The good thing about the zoom feature for Colletta inked Kirby is to see the faint remaining traces of Jack pencils. If you look at Sif's figure you'll see lines that weren't inked and part of an original squiggle that was flatten out, Vinnie's usual style.

Ferran Delgado's picture
Posted by: Ferran Delgado | September 15, 2010


I understand what you mean, but when I see this kind of things (in other pages are more obvious), it makes me feel very frustrated (to say it in a light way) about how much we lost thanks to this amateurish and lazy guy, so I prefer to avoid details, and get the big picture.

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Posted by: Dan McFan | October 3, 2010

Tough audience here.

If anyone could complain after looking at this incredible cover there are unresolved issues lurking that should be addressed. All I can say while looking at this Kirby - Colletta collaboration is WOW! No other inker could have pulled this off. Kirby must have been blown away when he saw it. One must marvel at folks who would attempt to convince us that Vinnie was a lazy inker. He laid down more lines here than Royer or Stone did on any three covers. He captures the grit and harshness of this battle perfectly yet has the sense of a fashion designer when drawing the capes and cloaks that we see. Really, who cares about a few missing lines on Sif? She actually stands out from the rest of the characters because of that lack of detail but she's secondary to the struggle in the foreground. Pointing out something as insignificant as this is a prime example of how some comic fans toe the party line when it comes to Colletta. This cover rocks!

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Posted by: Krackles | December 24, 2011

Woe to Vinnie

No other inker could have pulled this off?
Seriously, just from the tip of my mind I can think of half a dozen of great Kirby's inkers who would have done an incredible job.

Something that you could have "WOW!" with good reason.

With Colletta, you got the minimal "wow!" possible from Kirby at the peak of his pencils power.
How sad.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | October 3, 2010

Excellent example

I agree, this is a great Kirby cover inked by Colletta. Seeing it in person at large size was truly inspiring. Personally, I would never ever say Colletta was lazy, actually the opposite. He worked incredibly hard and took on so much work on such crazy, inhuman deadlines. This sometimes meant he had to rush to make them, otherwise the comic was not published. Here it didn't happen.

One thing I like about Colletta is the fact that he inked textures differently, unlike some other inkers. You can tell the difference between hair, rocks, skin, and metal.

Stay tuned Dan there is more Kirby/Colletta art to be added...pages and pages.

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Posted by: mike fifty-nine | May 4, 2011


I've always loved Colletta on Thor - that is until I got older and was told of "mishaps."


Tom what a great cover! Stunning!

In person I can only imagine it.

Thanks for this site... it has provided me hours and hours of delights.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | May 4, 2011

Pieces in person

It was great in person. Sometimes there are many pages to scan in a con environment and I have to stop and remind myself to enjoy the art I'm scanning. I usually only have minutes to scan a page then move onto the next.

I'm glad you like the site Mike and have hours of delight, helps make it worth my efforts, thanks, Tom

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Posted by: Erik Larsen | December 24, 2011

Pieces in motion

Looking at the art makes me wonder what it looked like before all the rearranging. It was clearly cut up and figures were moved around (is that Sif's FOOT under Thor's ankle?). I'm guessing Jack wasn't accounting for the corner box--just plowing ahead without giving it a second thought.

A lot of Jack's covers are similarly Frankensteined together.

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Posted by: Duncan Youngerman (not verified) | March 26, 2012

Coletta's inks truly stank

Coletta's inks truly stank with 2 exceptions: covers, and 'Tales of Asgard'.
He was excellent WITHIN this limited perimeter, and this cover only confirms this.

I am irked, however, by the King's signature on Ulrik's effing knee... WTF, Jack, couldn't a margin have done the job?

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