The Mighty Thor, Issue 143, Page 2


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Posted by: Krackles | January 8, 2011

Colletta's ghost

Did Everett consciously try to emulate (simulacre) Colletta the infamous?

Not my cup of tea.
Poor Kirby really got his work butchered too often for confort.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | January 8, 2011


I checked a couple of sources including the page 1 credits and it's listed as Everett. BUT I have little doubt that Colletta had something to do with this page. No one inks fat lipped women like this other than Colletta.

Perhaps Colletta was a ghost inker on some of the pages but there is no way to verify that.

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Posted by: Hannumal | January 8, 2011

Tons of white out

Almost every face on this page is whited out and re-inked (as well as the musculature). Perhaps the editor called on Colletta to maintain some consistency since Everett diverged from his style so drastically.

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Posted by: Krackles | January 8, 2011

White out?

That's certainly a Colletta Trademark (To wipe out pencils details).

You may have a case there Hannumal.

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Posted by: HannibalCat | January 9, 2011

Has to be Coletta

No way Bill Everett inked that page, it's definitely Vinnie's work. Strange how I don't like his inks on Kirby's Thor - and he did ink an awful lot of it - but I really like them over George Tuska; on Powerman for instance.

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Posted by: cagleart | January 9, 2011

Two inkers

Interesting. I'm pretty sure both Everett and Colletta worked on this page. There are lines characteristic of both men. If you look at it up close, you can see pen lines (darker ink), more typical of Colletta -- and brush lines (lighter ink), more typical of Everett. For the most part, Colletta inked the faces and some other parts of the people in the background, and the background architectural straight lines, and added some additional scratchy lines to Thor's arm muscles. I think Bill may have been trying to imitate Vince's style a bit here and there, also. The hands all look very Bill Everett-ish. I wonder what the story behind this is. Why two inkers? Who got the page first? Look at the Hawaiian-shirt-guy in the first panel, and the way the line of his shoulder goes right through Soda-fountain-guy's nose. Does this mean the Vince did the background people first? But it seems odd to start with the background. Maybe Stan wanted the girls to have those thick lips and thick eyebrows, so he told Bill to leave the background for Vince? It's a mystery to me. Who did the previous page (p.1)?

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Posted by: Frank Fosco | January 9, 2011

Thor 143 page 2

What happen here is that Colletta started inking this story then Everett took over for the rest of the inking of the book. Doing the majority of the inking on this issue, Everett got the inking credit. On page 2 here it seems Colletta inked most of it, except maybe a couple of the ladies faces and hair and fingers here and there and panel 5 looks like Everett. Vinnie tends to get a lot blacker on those space fields and puts white on top of the black. Panel 4 kinda looks like Colletta/Everett combo. Page 1 looks to be all Colletta except for Thor and from the neck down soda jerk guy.

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Posted by: John Floyd | May 16, 2011

Thor 143

I think Frank F. got it right. Vince started to ink the issue, then Bill took over. It could be that since this was Everett's first attempt at inking Jack on Thor, he considered imitating Vince early on, but I kinda doubt it. Though some of the feathering on Thor's arms looks like Vince, but a little like someone trying to ink like him. The guy standing behind Thor in the first panel to his left is clearly a Colletta face. The last panel here is very obviously all Everett. There's a little more of the Colletta look in the 2nd panel of page 5. Regardless, this was one of the best inked issues of Jack's Thor run! Too bad they didn't go with that unpublished cover from Kirby Unleashed for this issue!

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Posted by: Winokur | October 24, 2012

Def Colletta started the

Def Colletta started the issue, then Everett took over.

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