Journey Into Mystery, Issue 68, Page 9


John S.'s picture
Posted by: John S. | September 14, 2012


Somehow Spragg doesn't look like much of a conqueror to me. Jack must have been running out of giant monster ideas by the time he got to this story. But there's another of his classic "Earth-view" dialogue panels at the bottom right. Only Kirby could pull those off successfully! This time it illustrates Spragg's threat to "beam hypnotic thought waves out across the continents of Earth!" Uh oh, now I'm getting scared...

Frank Fosco's picture
Posted by: Frank Fosco | September 14, 2012

Not much Jack

This must have been one of Jack's simplest of layouts and not much rendered on his part. Seeing a lot of Ayers here. Look at those faces in panel 3--very Ayers.

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