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Posted by: patrick ford | April 12, 2013


Very strong page. Chic Stone nailed the face in panel one.

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Posted by: Krackles | April 12, 2013

On the Corner Stone

Really nice page overall even if I wish he had, at least, spotted some black in the fifth panel. Except for this panel, this page doesn't suffer too much from the usual coloring book effect of his work.
One thing we can also notice and appreciate is how good a fit he is for rendering Stone… Isn't it Chic?

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Posted by: patrick ford | April 13, 2013

The few stats of Kirby's

The few stats of Kirby's pencils which exist from this era show Kirby was not spotting many back areas in his pencils. He was still working in a fashion not all that different from his S&K era work where the blacks were added in the inking stage. During those years Kirby often either inked his own pencils, or was in a position as studio boss to punch-up the blacks on any pages where he saws fit.
My feeling is Stone was so respectful of Kirby's pencils he simply inked what was there. He didn't add blacks, and it wasn't until a bit after the Stone era that Kirby was able to cut back on his monthly output and begin turning out pencils so complete that every black area was penciled in.
I love the fact Stone didn't add anything to the pencils, aside from his beautifully controlled line.

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Posted by: patrick ford | April 13, 2013


Tom's gallery of Kirby pencils here at the site illustrate both the kind of pencils Stone was inking in the early '60s as well as the style Kirby developed in the second half of the '60s where every black area was fully detailed.
Here is an early page which as you can see has a lot fewer black areas rendered in than what became Kirby's norm a bit later.

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Posted by: patrick ford | April 13, 2013


Moving forward a few years and you see every black area fully rendered. Pencils so complete they really don't require anything.

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Posted by: David (not verified) | February 18, 2014

Journey 102?

I wonder why someone changed the Journey 107 in grease pencil at the top of the page to Journey 102 ?

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