Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion, Issue 6, Page 8


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Posted by: John S. (not verified) | February 23, 2011

Black-and-White Beauty

Tom: This and the preceeding page you've shown from SPIRIT WORLD #2 are sensational! Man, I wish DC had published all the black-and-white Kirby material in its original form! This one, MOB #2, TRUE DIVORCE CASES, SOUL LOVE...they all would've been OUTTASITE (as we said back in the day)!--instead of just being "out of site" because they were never printed anywhere--except for a few of them, in impossible-to-find comics like FORBIDDEN TALES OF DARK MANSION and WEIRD MYSTERY TALES--!

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Posted by: John S. (not verified) | February 24, 2011

Kirby Pencils?

A quick observation here. This particular page (unlike the other pages I've seen from this story) looks like it was fully pencilled by Jack, not just laid out by him. Look at the black spotting, the folds in the clothing, the hands...everything. Compare it to the previous page, which looks much more like the pencils were finished by Mike over Kirby's rough layouts, and you'll see what I mean.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | February 24, 2011

Re: Kirby Pencils?

I see what you mean. I spoke to Mike about this and he simply said Jack wanted to see if he could do layouts and have Mike finish the pencils, ink and letter the pages. Mike mentioned he wasn't happy with the results. He maybe going to WonderCon in April, I'll ask him and see if I can get more info on how much is him and how much is Jack.

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Posted by: John S. (not verified) | February 25, 2011

Re: Kirby Pencils?

Sounds good. Even if Jack did pencil this particular page (as I suspect he did), I thought Mike did a pretty good job on the other pages I've seen. But as Mark Evanier pointed out, if you're going to have Royer inking and lettering and Kirby writing and laying out, you may as well just have Kirby doing complete pencils, since it's only one more step (and a relatively easy one) for Jack--and the most aesthetically pleasing combination for the readers.

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Posted by: John S. (not verified) | April 26, 2011

Kirby Kommentaries

Hey Tom, I just listened to all the commentaries from Royal Royer and although some of them weren't quite as informative as I might have hoped (probably due to the fact that it's been a few DECADES since he did all the work in question!), they were still loads of fun!! Here's hoping you post more of these audio anecdotes in the months ahead!

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