Fighting American, Issue 8, Unpublished, Page 2
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Posted by: patrick ford | June 3, 2012

Sweet Spot

What a honey of a page. Luscious inks. Love Kirby's humor: "Bagg, Burrow, and Steele---A rich investment firm."

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Posted by: ken bastard | June 4, 2012

I need some history, Guys

There are lots of people out there over the years who criticize Jacks writing (meaning his captions and dialogue) so I was wondering... did Jack write and draw these stories as we see he did in the pencil versions of The Fourth World and later material? If he did and they were passed along to whoever inked and lettered then why isn't Jack's idiosyncratic dialogue in evidence here? Is it because Joe Simon went over the work after Jack was done with it and cleaned up the grammar and such? Or were there other editors? Or did Joe just write these out for Jack to draw? Or did the pair work sort of Marvel Style? Anybody Know?

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Posted by: patrick ford | June 4, 2012

I've never seen much

I've never seen much difference between Kirby's '40s and '50s dialogue and the dialogue he wrote later on except that just like his art Kirby's dialogue skills continued to improve.
If Kirby wrote something like "That's like trying to grip a greased bowling ball." or "And this is Yakima Fuldoon fabulous Texas oil tycoon, robbed of his solid gold suit of underware." In the '70s people who claim Kirby can't write dialogue would go into hysterics.
My opinion is Kirby wrote the best dialogue I've ever seen in adventure type comic books, and by a wide margin. True his dialogue was very. very different from the fields standard style, but that is a very, very GOOD thing from my perspective. This is particularly true in comparison to someone like Lee whose stuff is on the level of a Ron Popeil commercial.
Take a look at all the Simon and Kirby pages here at the site which are unpublished pencils. Note that it's Kirby's penciled hand lettering on all of them.
Kirby's writing:
Kirby's writing:
Kirby's writing:
Kirby's writing:

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Posted by: patrick ford | June 5, 2012

TJKC #34

TJKC #34 is a great place to look for a very large number of examples of S&K work still in pencil. All of it shows Jack being the person putting the words on the page. This even extends to a page penciled by Mort Meskin where the dialogue and captions are clearly in Kirby's hand. That issue has 13 examples of S&K work where it's Kirby doing the writing. Page 73 of that issue has an example of an instance where Simon has added some additional text. Kirby has written:
"My true stories of hunting in Africa may one day save your life.
Now you can learn the secrets of the professional hunter.
The fatal mistakes of careless men."
Simon has added to that:
"All told here in these hair rasing (sic) stories of man's struggle for survival among savage beasts."

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