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Posted by: stephenartist | March 18, 2012

very nice.. I wonder how much

very nice.. I wonder how much of the white out/touching up was for effect and how much was for correction..

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Posted by: John S. | March 18, 2012

Nice, but...

...I think Sinnott's inks are a little too heavy on the figure of the android. He's on the same plane as the Thing but the outlines around his body are noticeably thicker. I really love Joe's inks, but he was a bit heavy-handed at times and almost too slick, in a way. I'm sure all the F.F. fans will accuse me of sacrilege for saying that, but hey, it's just an observation.

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Posted by: Frank Fosco | March 18, 2012

Production job

I agree with you Johnny S. The android figure is very heavy handed on the inks. But if you zoom in on at the top of the android it looks to be a in house production job. Lots of white out and re-inking going on. Looks like part of the android was cut out moved and glued back on. Where the white out and glued on parts may be inked by another hand--perhaps John Romita. I think Romita because of the razor scrape on the radiating lines under the androids right of Romita's trade mark techniques. The torch also was cut out, moved and glued back to probably get out from behind the Marvel box.

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Posted by: wonder6789 | March 18, 2012

The android's right leg

The android's right leg inking - perhaps even pencilling - is clearly Romita's.

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Posted by: John S. | March 18, 2012

Re: Production Job

Holy cow, I think you're right, Frank! I didn't notice that stuff before; but now that you've suggested it, I took a look at it with the Zoom feature and I'd say you're spot on. Great observation, buddy!

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Posted by: nick caputo | March 21, 2012

I agree that the retouching

I agree that the retouching and corrections were by Romita. The android, as well as the Torch was repositioned, perhaps because they were too close to the logo.

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