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Posted by: Frank Fosco | July 30, 2011

Frank with Frank

It's a Frankie Giacoia fest. Sweet!

It's too bad Frank G. didn't take over the inking chores of the FF at this time up until Joe Sinnott comes on. Then again, makes you wonder if Joe would have come on if Frank would have been doing the inking instead of Colletta.

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Posted by: Krackles | July 30, 2011

Frank the prankster

Come on Frank, the bait is too obvious… I won't fall for it ;-)

I would guess Giacoia was intended to take over the FF inking job but his reccurent problem with deadlines probably pushed Stan Lee to find a more reliable man for the task.

Who could have blamed him ? After all, you don't want to mess up with the Greatest Comic Magazine Ever!

Such a shame that Giacoia couldn't hold on a title for an extensive run. He would have gained the recognition his skill deserved.

This page is a pure joy to look at. Thanks alot Tom!

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