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Posted by: Krackles | December 19, 2010

Sinnott on a good note

Although this page wasn't done at the peak of their run, I particularly enjoyed this period.
At this point, Joe Sinnott wasn't redrawing faces as much and he relaxed a bit on his tight control over how slick the art looked.
This allowed even more of the raw power of Kirby's pencils to pass through the inking process.

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Posted by: John S. (not verified) | February 16, 2011

Two Left Hands!

There's no doubt that Stan, Jack and Joe were still flying high on the F.F. even at this relatively late stage in the run. But I'm AMAZED that none of them saw fit to correct the glaringly obvious mistake that Reed has been drawn here with two left hands! And didn't anyone in Production (like Sol Brodsky) notice the error? And how about John Romita? He was all over Kirby's books at this time. What happened to him? Talk about the Marvel Age of Blatant Blunders and Embarassing Errors! Even Irving Forbush could have spotted this one! SHEESH!!

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