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Posted by: Krackles | September 28, 2010

A vision of horror !

There's a piece of paper missing around one dancer's hair at the center of the page
Someone calls Joe Sinnott and asks him to fix it !

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Posted by: Artistram3d1 | July 21, 2011

Lookit all the details

I love the way the textures were rendered. Hair, fur, metal, wood, etc.
Not to knock current artists' work at all, but lots of stuff I look at today
all looks like...plastic.

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Posted by: John S. | November 21, 2017

The Way it Began...!

There’s been a fair bit of speculation over the years about how Kirby came up with the initial idea for The Black Panther – or “The Coal Tiger”, as he was originally called. What most of the self-proclaimed “experts” have completely overlooked, however, are the Panther’s obvious similarities to Lee Falk’s legendary comic-strip hero, The Phantom. Even a cursory glance at The Phantom and his adventures offers ample evidence that Falk’s character provided the basic template for Kirby’s pinstriped African superhero.

In fact, the Panther as originally conceived was very likely a case of Kirby giving us “his version” of The Phantom -- in much the same way as The Hulk was a case of Kirby giving us his version of Frankenstein. But in a bold move so typical of the brilliantly forward-thinking Kirby, The Phantom’s stereotypical milieu of the white hero surrounded by black “savages” was turned upside down when Kirby decided to make one of those savages the actual hero of the story.

So what did editor/dialogue writer Stan Lee bring to the table? Knowing the way Lee thought, I suppose it’s possible he could have suggested the name change from Coal Tiger to the much smoother-sounding Black Panther. But that was probably it -- because the rest of the package was pure Kirby all the way.

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