Devil Dinosaur, Issue 1, Cover


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Posted by: Krackles | February 20, 2012


… for The King of Teams!
Kirby and Giacoia doing their magic for one of their last time together.

Incidentally, this T-Rex remind me of something Kirby said about the Thing.
Before the rocky features, he stated that what he was going for was dinosaur's hide!

Compare this T-Rex with the first few Fantastic Four issues and you'll get what Jack was after.

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Posted by: ken bastard | February 20, 2012

The Devil

I know Devil Dinosaur sometimes gets a bad rap, but I recently went over these again and it sure looks like Mr. Kirby was having fun doing those books.

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Posted by: John S. | February 21, 2012

The Devil We Knew

DEVIL DINOSAUR is a great book. It gets a bad rap from some very stupid, narrow-minded fanboys who (usually) have never even read it. Their comments are always the same: that it's silly. My answer: Really? And superheroes aren't? I've said this before and I'll say it again: Devil Dinosaur is a prehistoric version of "a boy and his dog." Why is that any sillier than a comic about a high school student who gets "spider powers" after being bitten by a "radioactive spider" (that somehow avoided being instantly fried by the radiation it was exposed to!) and who's such a genius that he can create a working "web-shooter" that the greatest scientific minds in the world couldn't come up with? Or a comic about a guy who dresses up in a skin-tight bat-suit and, without any powers at all, routinely takes down gangs of thugs armed with automatic weapons that, realistically, could shred him to pieces in an instant? Answer: It's not any sillier. It's only PERCEIVED to be that way by some very brainwashed, silly people.

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Posted by: kirbyditko | February 21, 2012


It is silly---but I love it anyway!

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Posted by: John S. | February 21, 2012

I'm glad you like it...

...'cause I do, too. But my point is that it's no sillier than Spider-Man or Batman or Superman or The Flash or Wonder Woman or the Fantastic Four or any of the other superheroes. What I'm trying to say is, I don't understand the fanboy mentality which is so extraordinarily narrow-minded that it's unable to accept anything that's not a superhero -- particularly since superheroes, by their very nature, are quite ludicrous. As John Buscema said, "Of all the things we could put into comic books, I think the dumbest things in the world are superheroes." Does that mean we all shouldn't like superheroes? No, of course not. There are lots of great superhero comics out there (especially the ones done by Jack Kirby). But believe it or not kids, there ARE other types of stories that are (>gasp<) just as valid.

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Posted by: kirbyditko | February 21, 2012

I'm glad you like it...

...agreed. It's all fantasy, i.e. silly. A guy who throws his hammer and then hangs on to it in order to fly?!?! Completely absurd---and yet Thor is one of my all time favorite books (miserable inking aside)!

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Posted by: patrick ford | February 22, 2012

Tall Tales

I never thought the book was the least bit silly. Many criticisms of Kirby are akin to saying Aesop's stories are ridiculous because everyone knows animals can't talk.
The three issue "Alien Invasion" story was one of Kirby's great stories.
In the first issue Kirby wrote a text piece explaining his intent, and asking the reader to go along for the ride. He expressed a "let's pretend" idea in his article when he said the dinosaur had ruled the Earth for millions of years, and wondered if it wasn't possible the dinosaur had developed high intelligence over so long a time. An intelligence which was at peace with the natural environment and saw no reason to change it. Now that is a fanciful, but beautiful idea.
The other thing I liked right away was his solution for showing the earliest humans. Kirby's brilliant solution was to show a modern human face (and Moon Boy often looks like a self portrait). peering out of a perfect oval shaped cut-out on the face area of an otherwise head to toe "hair-suit." In this way Kirby showed us the characters had brains and emotions just like ours, but they were so primitive they went around completely naked. Kirby got full frontal male and female nudity past the comics code.

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Posted by: John S. | February 22, 2012

I agree...

...with all those points, Patrick. There's no doubt that Kirby's take on the Garden of Eden story, particularly, was the work of genius. But try explaining that kind of stuff to some fanboy who thinks spandex soap-operas like X-Men are comics' greatest achievement and you'll see what I'm getting at. It's like trying to talk to a rock.'s picture
Posted by: | February 22, 2012


Who says the inker is Giacoia??? Looks like Royer to me.

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Posted by: Krackles | February 22, 2012

Deafening silence

Come on Von, it's screaming so much for Giacoia it's deafening!

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Posted by: kirbyditko | February 22, 2012


I agree w/ Krackles, it's Giacoia all the way on this cover, w/ the exception of Moon Boy. I think that figure was heavily re-drawn by Romita.

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Posted by: John S. | February 22, 2012

100% Kirby and Giacoia

I doubt if the Moon-Boy figure was touched by Romita. Kirby inked by Giacoia tended to look a lot like Romita just by virtue of the stylistic similarities. But it would be great if there was a photocopy of Jack's original pencils somewhere, just so we could do a comparison.

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Posted by: kirbyditko | February 24, 2012

OK---I Give Up

I used the Zoomify feature on the DD cover, and there's no sign of whiteout or past-ups on Moon Boy. So your correct that the inking is all Giacoia. But, D*mn is sure does look Romita to me!

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Posted by: John S. | February 24, 2012

Stylistic similarities... I said. Kirby/Giacoia often bears a strong resemblance to Romita. But I'd still love to see a photocopy of Jack's original pencils for this cover. Feerless Frankie's inks are just a touch too flat here for my tastes. It woulda been nice to see this cover inked by Royer. Or how about Steve Ditko? Now that woulda been wild!

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Posted by: truthAndSoulBaby | March 3, 2012


if kirby went from thor to fourth world to eternals to cap'n victory, does devil dino fit in?
always seemed like an odd title to me, but i love it!

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