Destroyer Duck, Issue 1, Pages 2-3


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Posted by: patrick ford | December 11, 2011

Chicken Fat

Alcala is easily my least favorite of every inker who ever worked on Kirby's pencils. His inking of Kirby makes me yearn for Colletta at his worst.
Back in the 70's the only person who disliked Alcala's inking of John Buscema more than I did was John Buscema.
Alcala was a tremendous penciler, with an incredibly lush and controlled brush technique, but he over powered every penciler he worked over.

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Posted by: Chris Knowles (not verified) | December 13, 2011


Love the Alcala inks, the professional lettering and coloring and production. Wish he worked on Silver Star too. Jack was really struggling with his sight but still had a lot of fire in his belly and Alcala helped carry the load.

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