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Posted by: John S. | November 1, 2015


One of the techniques Kirby used for creating the Demon series was to do take-offs on popular movie monsters and use them as antagonists for Jason Blood and Etrigan. For example, in issue 6 we had the Howler, who was Jack's version of the Wolfman; in issues 8 to 10 we had the Phantom of the Sewers, who was Jack's version of the Phantom of the Opera; and in issues 11 through 13 we had the Baron Von Evilstein story, which was another of Jack's versions of Frankenstein.

Since I didn't read the Witchboy issues until the early nineties, I was under the impression that Klarion was Kirby's version of Damien from THE OMEN. But when I went back and checked the dates, I discovered that film wasn't released until June 1976, about three and a half years after Klarion's first appearance in DEMON #7. So, while I understand Witchboy's physical appearance was based on Kirby fan Barry Alfonso, it remains a mystery as to just where Jack got the inspiration for this superbly devilish character. And who knows, considering the similarities, it's even possible the creators of THE OMEN were inspired by Kirby's Demon/Witchboy stories!

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Posted by: Krackles | November 12, 2015

Which Boy?

At least we know that Klarion's physical appearance is based on one of Kirby's fans.

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