Daredevil, Issue 13, Page 3


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Posted by: John S. | July 23, 2011

Ring-a-Ding and the King

My two favorite artists, together on the same page. Certainly not the best example of a Kirby/Romita collaboration (my favorite would probably be the cover of the 1977 Marvel calendar), but it's still interesting to be able to get a close-up look at this original art page with the Zoom feature.

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Posted by: Artistram3d1 | July 23, 2011

Really rough Kirby layouts?

I'm wondering if Kirby did really rough layouts for this page, as I can't really see any Kirby at all.
I wish I could see a xerox of the layouts to compare it to the inks.

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Posted by: John S. | July 23, 2011


According to what John Romita has said in interviews, Kirby did his usual style of rough layouts for this story. It's hard to describe exactly how they looked, but if you've seen any of them reproduced in the KIRBY COLLECTOR you'll know what they were like. There wasn't really much detail in them, just rough shapes, but the plotting, pacing, composition and dynamics in these two issues of DAREDEVIL (#12 and 13) were almost all Kirby's. You can also see how bulky the figures are here, which is a sure sign of Kirby's involvement. Romita and Kirby both used a similar circular/ball construction technique to draw their hero figures, and although J.R.'s male characters were usually a little on the chunky side, they were rarely as massive as what you see here.

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Posted by: patrick ford | December 20, 2011


When Lee had Kirby doing what were called "layouts" in the early 60's Lee's intent was to get more stories out of Kirby. Lee was being credited and paid for plots, so the more stories he could have Kirby write, the more Lee made.
Lee testified in his recent deposition that he was paid freelance for writing, and drew a salary for his job as editor.
Here's a typical Kirby plot with vaguely indicated figures.
If you use the ZOOM feature on this page you can see blocks of text at the top of the page. THey are pretty well erased, but there's enough left to see in the ZOOM mode.

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