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Posted by: John S. | August 24, 2012

Ah, so nice.

Number one team of S&K make interesting comic in any genre!

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Posted by: John S. | August 24, 2012

Look on the back.

Speaking of comics in any genre, was this an idea for a baseball comic? Most honorable team of Jack and Joe would've hit that one out of the park! Hey, they do baseball comics in Japan -- even though the game was invented in America--! I love superheroes as much as anybody, but comics are certainly capable of more, and a little variety would be nice. One of the things that's great about comics from the forties and fifties is that we actually HAD that variety for a while. As with modern-day manga, there were comics on a ton of different subjects. American comics could sure use some of that variety now.

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Posted by: patrick ford | August 25, 2012


Interesting thing about Kirby's dialogue. It's everywhere when you look at old S&K studio work. Not only on every unpublished piece of art I've seen, but if you look closely in the balloons and captions on all the published original art pages. And Kirby dialogue can even be found on many pages he didn't pencil.

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Posted by: Frank Fosco | August 25, 2012

re: Dialogue

This is a great Meskin page you linked us to, Patrick. Thanks.

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