Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers, Issue 13, Pages 2-3




Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers, Issue 13, Page 2
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Posted by: dplamo | March 4, 2014

Still had it in the 80's

It seems to me that Jack's later work in the 1980's was largely and sadly overlooked. I can remember driving 40 miles to a comic shop in Appleton WI because there was new Kirby work, Captain Victory, on sale. Captain Victory #1 gave me the same thrill that the New Gods #1 had more than a decade eariler

This page is a classic Kirby composition. The Thibodeaux inks are crisp and true to the Kirby style, and I'm not a particular fan of Mike's inks. I wish that we had stats of the pencils to compare. It is my sense that this spread stands up well to any of the work executed in the early 70's. For me it is especially gratifying that this creation was Kirby owned.

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