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Posted by: Hans Kosenkranius | April 12, 2012

Strong Giacoia Inks!

I love this one. Nuff Said!

Ferran Delgado's picture
Posted by: Ferran Delgado | April 12, 2012

I agree!!

One of my favorites covers of his last run in the series!

Gaspar Saladino is credited as the letterer in the old Captain America index published in 1979, the one with the cover by Steranko.

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Posted by: s.jarrell | April 13, 2012

Great cover, colors were fantastic too

No credit at GCD. Inky Roussos?

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Posted by: nick caputo | April 16, 2012

A simple, uncluttered cover

A simple, uncluttered cover and nice Giacoia inking. One of Jack's best from this period. There is some white out around the Falcon's boots, since Jack never draw them on model .Since this was a slight modification I think they should have left the boots as Jack drew them.


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