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Posted by: John S. | November 26, 2011

Dapper Dan

Adkins did a fine job on this great Kirby action page. Dapper Dan had, without a doubt, one of the most flexible styles of any inker in comics history. Few inkers have ever imposed their own style on a penciller's work LESS than Dan Adkins did. When he inked Kirby it looked like Kirby. When he inked John Buscema it looked like John Buscema. When he inked Neal Adams it looked like Neal Adams. Whoever the penciller was, Adkins's inks were virtually "invisible" over top of them.

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Posted by: patrick ford | November 26, 2011

If Adkins had inked Kirby

If Adkins had inked Kirby more often he'd certainly be considered one of, if not the best, inkers ever to work on Kirby's pencils. He's faithful, yet at the same time his line just sings. You can see he's snapping things in free and easy, but his ability is so developed everything is very precise.
On top of the artists you mentioned he did great work on Barry Smith (The Black Hound of Vengeance) Gil Kane, and really anyone he ever inked.

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Posted by: patrick ford | November 26, 2011



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Posted by: truthAndSoulBaby | December 4, 2011

Always hard to see Cap

Always hard to see Cap getting the beatdown, as he did constantly in this ish, but it was a great ish.
Yep, Too bad Adkins didn't ink more Kirby -- here-here!

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Posted by: patrick ford | December 4, 2011


To get a real charge, it's necessary the hero gets a beat-down.
It's like the old Spencer Tracy movie "Bad Day at Black Rock." If Spencer doesn't spend the first 3/4 of the film being pushed around by the town yokels, then his eventual ass-kicking of Ernest Borgnine wouldn't be half as sweet.

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