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Posted by: Ferran Delgado | October 7, 2010


I have mixed emotions about Shores' work.

In one hand, I appreciate his efforts to add shadows and depth to the original pencils, and some strokes like in the hair of the guy at the third panel are beautiful. But...

In another hand, if you enlarge the image, you can see how rushed is all of his work, and it hurts my sight in some parts like the outline of Capi's head in the same third panel.

BTW, WTF is the drawing at the back?

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Posted by: Erik Larsen | March 18, 2014

I don't think "rushed" is the word you're looking for--

Try "sloppy" or "muddy" or even "ugly." We all have no idea how long the guy worked on the page--all we know is what it looks like.

"Crude" also works.

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Posted by: Tom Vutayan (not verified) | April 14, 2014

Some Damn Fine Inking

I would differ with Mr. Larsen. That is superb ink work by Shores. I think Kirby and Shores contributed equally to the artwork here: maybe Kirby was a little bit more equal.

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Posted by: Mike T | April 15, 2014

Damn Straight!

You won't catch me arguing about that!

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Posted by: kc (not verified) | April 15, 2014

CAP page

The RED SKULL **and** the Sleepers; PURE GOLD !!!
Now THAT would make a movie !!!

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