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Posted by: Drewster58 | October 5, 2010

Memories and Second Impressions

This opening page made a huge impression on me as a 10-year old comic collector and aspiring artist. I look at it today as classic Kirby, with all the power and energy intact. Thank you, what a great trip in back my memories and a fun second impression today.


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Posted by: Tom Kraft | October 6, 2010

More to come

Memories like this what makes Kirby's vision so strong. Though this is the first page that left an impression there will be many more added from this book added to the gallery in the future. This will include the beautiful cover with the Red Skull's head before it was retouched for publication...stay tuned.

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Posted by: truthAndSoulBaby | December 5, 2011

i was always puzzled by the

i was always puzzled by the triangle on cap's back, right above his head. I guess i should have consulted the comic for reference earlier, but now its clear that its the top of the star on his back. I kinda got into thinking it was Shores' attempted to make the line of his back straight, rather than the little dimple between his two shoulders. And its funny; whenever I look at it now, I see the star!

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Posted by: Andrez | September 20, 2013

LOVE this.

One of my fave issues - and what a splash-page.

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Posted by: kc (not verified) | September 20, 2013

CAP 101

WHAT IF this were inked by Mike Royer?

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Posted by: drdroom | September 20, 2013


It would look similar to Kirby's pencil drawing, and be more powerful.

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Posted by: Andrez | September 20, 2013


like Royer's inking work with Kirby too — but I think Syd Shores' inking in terms of the look/feel of Captain America at this stage is underrated. The colour-process is another matter. My copy of this issue has some serious bleeding going on.

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Posted by: drdroom | September 20, 2013

I don't know,

I hear nothing but love for Syd Shores inks on Cap. I like them myself, I feel that he brings a touch of golden age to the pencils (more on some other pages than on this one) and makes Cap more handsome and sensitive looking than Kirby presumably drew him.

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Posted by: Andrez | September 20, 2013

I think

I was scarred by recent forays into some Facebook forums, in which Syd's inks were generally maligned. I totally agree with you, drdroom — and nicely put.

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Posted by: MRE1957 | April 25, 2014

Nice to see some love for Syd.

When Shores started inking Kirby's Cap in Tales Of Suspense #99, I was hooked. There was just something about his embellishing style that spoke to me. (Maybe it had to do with the fact I loved reading the Golden Age S&K CA stories being reprinted in Fantasy Masterpieces—many of which were inked by Syd.) But my all-time favorite Kirby/Shores Cap comic from the late 1960s has to be #107. The splash featured an amazing worm's eye view of CA leaping across the page! Also in that issue is a rendition of an old, haggard Steve Rogers that benefited greatly from Syd's detailed inking style. It was so smart of Stan Lee to have different inkers on each of Kirby's monthly comics from that time period (Sinnott on the Fantastic Four, Colletta on Thor and Shores on Captain America) rather than have one do all three because each felt perfectly paired with the individual character-types and stories.

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Posted by: Gary A. Picariello (not verified) | April 25, 2014

Syd Shores

A great splash page and more awesome Kirby artwork that risks being lost to the ages if not for forums such as this!

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Posted by: Mike T | April 26, 2014

Syd, Vince, and Joe

I couldn't agree more, MRE1957! Each inker had his own take on Kirby, and each added something (Colletta erasures notwithstanding) to what I like to call the Kirby Kollective. It's so great that Jack's work was divided up between the 3 ink artists, giving more variety to sustain us over the ensuing decades.

I've gained a lot of appreciation for Syd's contributions since I started coming here to view the original art. The coloring on the original books was poor (compared to FF and Thor) and usually out of alignment with the blacks, so it was hard to see Syd's work. He was earthy, though, that was obvious, even to my 11-yr-old eyes.

But now, having just re-read through the Sinnott TOS issues and looking anew at Syd, I gotta say that he really elevated Jack's work! In many ways he actually surpassed even Joe's work on CA (though Joe is truly the greatest inker ever, at least on Jack). Syd didn't have either Joe's speed or his brush control (who does?), but he added a realism and light/shadow detail that was second only to Wally Wood's Sky Masters work. I actually value Syd's work on CA over Sinnott's TOS pages. Jack and Syd were a great team!

This splash is a perfect example. Kirby purists will hate me for this, but Syd transformed Jack's pencils into a minor masterpiece. For example, compare the legs in the penciled version. Well, there is no comparision. Jack's work was pretty rushed and sloppy, but his dynamism and layout genius were still there. Syd picked up where Jack left off and the result is just beautiful!

Overall, I get the impression that Jack pencilled looser for Syd than he did for some other inkers. I believe it's because he knew Syd was going to provide finishes anyway. Perhaps Jack new of the purported plan to have Syd eventually take over the pencilling and responded accordingly. In support of this theory, I must admit that I haven't seen any tightly-penciled pages that were inked by Shores.

But that's as it should have been: Jack pencilling 60 (SIXTY) INCREDIBLE, WONDERFUL pages a month, and leaving the details for Syd, Vince, and Joe to polish off.

No doubt about it: Given the scrooge-like budget of the '60s Marvel bullpen, Stan made the best use of these artists that he could have.

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Posted by: kc (not verified) | April 25, 2014

101 pg 1

I am convinced later inkers like Berry would have made Cap's features a lot more square vs Sid's rounded knees etc. I am SURE BOTH versions would have been STELLAR regardless

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