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Posted by: stephenartist | July 4, 2012

that old pulp feel

That inking is straight out of some old pulp magazing or something.. fun! BTW... is there an expanded interview with Kirby from JMS that you got that Hour 25 clip from?

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | July 5, 2012

Hour 25

I have the full recording but cut up sections that relate to the pages of art. The Kirby Museum website may have the entire recording for listening.

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Posted by: Frank Fosco | July 6, 2012

re: Hour 25

Hey, 1 day 1 hour--at the time of this post it's 25 hours ago on the "Hour 25" post. Nyuk, nyuk.

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Posted by: MRE1957 | April 28, 2014

The earliest Simon & Kirby CA splash page in existence?

I believe this to be the earliest (and maybe only) S&K Captain America splash page in existence. I've seen an earlier page but it is not a splash. It is an interior story page from Captain America #5. Does anyone know the history of how this art survived? Who saved it? Was it given back to either Joe or Jack? (And isn't Howard Ferguson's lettering on the name 'FANG" just perfect?) So sad that so little Golden Age original art still exists, especially pre-WWII due to not knowing it's eventual value and all of the paper drives to support the war effort.

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