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Posted by: ken bastard | April 20, 2012


Looks like Jack was having fun here.

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Posted by: John S. | April 20, 2012


I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I believe this page was inked by John Tartaglione, not John Verpoorten. As near as I've been able to determine, Tartaglione's inking style, while very similar to Jumbo Johnny's, was a touch flatter and less refined. I'm by no means an expert on this subject, but the issue credits both Verpoorten and Tartaglione as inkers, and this doesn't really look like Verpoorten's work to me. There's a few other pieces out there (like, for example, the cover to 2001 #8) that have generally been credited to Giacoia or Verpoorten, but which strike me as being done by someone else -- like Tartaglione -- because the inking is just too unrefined to be Giacoia's or Verpoorten's work.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | April 20, 2012

John Tartaglone credit

I agree it is rougher in technique so I changed the inking credit. Let me know if there are any other opinions on the inker.

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