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Posted by: Winokur | October 27, 2012


-- he wasn't perfect (look at the wall behind Mister Destruction in the last panel) but I think he nevertheless added something to Kirby's work that I can't put my finger on.

Royer is a good example of someone who most of the time seemed to merely trace over Kirby, and I think Kirby is at his best when an inker is giving an extra polish, adding some black areas with character and panache, like Sinnott, Everett, and Mister Syd.

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Posted by: kirbyfan430 | April 22, 2013

Shores inking Cap

I too feel Shores, at his best, DID add something to Kirbys pencils. Whether good or bad I'm still undecided, but the thing to remember about his work on Cap is that in the 40's Shores worked on Cap art WAY longer that Jack did. So he probably had his own way of approaching the art on the character. I kind of think it's cool that 2 of the Golden Age Cap artists are represented working together on these 60's issues. I mean, the cover of Cap #109 is really a classic piece of comic book art. I really love that cover.

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