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Posted by: Frank Fosco | May 30, 2011


Why is Joe Simon getting the credit for inking this page when it is clearly stated at the top of the page KIRBY/MESKIN? Making it obvious that the great and always uncredited Mort Meskin inked this page.

Mort was in the employ at the Simon and Kirby studios at this time in the 1950s. I would venture to say he inked the majority of Kirby's pencils during this time which he was never credited for. Is there a way to truly find this out?

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | May 30, 2011

Mixed messages

Joe Simon is credited in the Jack Kirby Checklist which is where I was looking. In some cases the penciled credits on pages are not accurate. More digging showed the Grand Comic Book database crediting Mort. Since the page has Meskin listed and the GCBD also, unless presented with evidence to suggested otherwise, I've updated the record to Mort Meskin. Thanks Frank for pointing this out.

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