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Posted by: John S. | February 24, 2012

Black Beauty

Awesome cover. One of Jack's very best -- from one of his best series of the seventies. And still in great shape for cover art that's thirty-five years old! I'd give this one six stars out of five if I could!!

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Posted by: Glenbru | February 25, 2012


Is it really Verpoorten? I always thought this was inked by Royer. Looks much stronger than a JV ink job.

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Posted by: Krackles | February 25, 2012

Jumbo Gumbo

Verpoorten it is. Simply said, the guy was good!
His style was quite faithfull to Kirby's pencils but a bit looser than slicker masters like Sinnott or Royer.

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Posted by: John S. | February 25, 2012

Re: Inker

I'd say it's Verpoorten. Definitely looks like his style to me. Jumbo Johnny was always a very strong inker on Kirby, and I have little doubt Jack's work on this cover inspired J.V. to put forth his very best efforts.

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Posted by: patrick ford | February 25, 2012


This was a great series and an outstanding cover leading the way. In a '60s context calling the character "The Black Panther" was a slightly daring move. Since The Panther was an African prince it removed any chance his birth name could have been Fred Hampton.
Some fans weren't happy Kirby's Panther wasn't like Don McGregor's but McGregor's was nothing like Kirby's I'd guess? And it shouldn't have been. Kirby or McGregor did their own thing, which is what Jack always advocated.
McGregor had his won ideas, and Kirby had his own ideas. That is a VERY GOOD thing.

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Posted by: John S. | February 25, 2012

Re: Radical

And why should Kirby's Panther be like McGregor's anyway? Kirby created it, not McGregor. So if anything, McGregor's Panther SHOULD have been like Jack's. It REALLY ticked me off when Marvel filled up the letter columns on this series with missives from fanboys complaining that Jack's series was too different from McGregor's. It proved, again, that Jack was telling the truth when he complained that Marvel was sabotaging his efforts by filling up the lettercols with knock letters. Yes, Jack's Panther was different from McGregor's. It was also WAY BETTER. McGregor's stories were overwritten, pretentious and boring -- period.

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Posted by: pat ford (not verified) | February 25, 2012

Never having read them I

Never having read them I can't comment on McGregor's Black Panther stories. I do think he and all creators should bring their own vision to whatever they are working on.

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Posted by: John S. | February 25, 2012

Re: McGregor

In most cases, yes, I would probably agree on that point. But my feeling about Don McGregor is that he was hopelessly miscast as a writer of Marvel superhero comics. His best work came on creator-owned material. I really enjoyed stuff like DRAGONFLAME, RAGAMUFFINS and the first DETECTIVES, INC. But his Black Panther comics were virtually unreadable, in my opinion.

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