Black Magic, Issue 17, Volume 2/#11, Cover


Sothebys sticker
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Posted by: stephenartist | December 26, 2011

Luv This!!

I LUV the head of that Freak.

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Posted by: Steven Brower (not verified) | March 6, 2014


Hi Tom. Inks here are not Meskin, but rather Kirby.

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | March 6, 2014

Thanks Steven

Updated to Jack Kirby.

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Posted by: Shane (not verified) | March 7, 2014


What's the Miscellaneous scan for - apart from being a close up
of the bottom left?

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Posted by: Tom Kraft | March 17, 2014

Re: What...?

Hi Shane. The miscellaneous scan shows to Christies auction identification sticker. Since this site is part of the Kirby Museum site, having such data may help in research.

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Posted by: Mike T | March 7, 2014

How do we know?

I love this too! It's a standout, and the inking really fits, adding much to the tone. I'm going to have to explore Jack's inking on this site as much as I can to get a better handle on the differences between he and Joe.

But how do we know it's Jack? If this can be articulated, I'd be very interested!

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Posted by: Krackles | March 7, 2014

Arty Cue Let For You

"If you press us to say how we know, I feel that I can not express other than saying : because it was him, because it was me".

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