2001: A Space Odyssey, Treasury Edition, Page 45




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Posted by: John S. (not verified) | February 25, 2011

Photo Collage Panels

Thanks for posting these, Tom. It's interesting to see how the original pages looked in comparison to the printed images--which, in my opinion, didn't look very good. The printing quality on this particular tabloid wasn't all that great, and the photo panels really suffered for it. Also, I'm afraid I have to agree with Joe Sinnott's general assessment of Kirby's collage images, which is that they were never all that effective and almost certainly would have looked a lot better if Jack had just DRAWN them. This seems especially true in the case of the otherwise excellent 2001 adaptation, where the photographic panels are much too conspicuous and don't seem to serve any purpose which could not be served more effectively by hand-drawn art.

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Posted by: patrick ford | January 16, 2012


One great thing about seeing the collage work in colour and at full size is you can see Kirby often used paint to enhance the image. The small blue planet in panel one is painted on, and the astronaut inside the pod in panel three is either over painted, or maybe completely painted in by Kirby.
The collage work does stick out, and the contrast between it and the drawn pages is very abrupt, but I absolutely love the collage work, always have even as a kid.

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Posted by: ken bastard | March 20, 2012


I love that when you zoom this you can see the printing on the other side of the page.

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